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First full moon of 2012, 30 second shot did with Canon Full HD DSLR + zoom lens at 200 with stab and matrix crop during recording. Resulted moon is about 400 pixel in diameter which should be enough for many applications in HD and Full HD. Moon stabilized optically and in editor but there are still slight natural movements due to moon and air movement which makes more realistic view then single photo.

Included 3 files. All have 420×420 resolution and 30 second duration:
1) – original with black background in Quicktime Photo JPEG
2) – background eliminated and encoded in Quicktime PNG with alpha.
3) – background eliminated, more stabilized, color corrected to blue look and sharpened. Encoded in Quicktime PNG with Alpha.

In preview you can see rough examples of possible moon element applications. ( file used).

Preview examples (city, sea, sunset, etc) besides full moon itself not inclu

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