A stylish Fall Fashion Promo you can customize to your particular fashion sales promo or event. Inspired by the fashion photos of the talented designer/architect Martha W McQuade/UNIFORM natural. The triptych display is ideal for showcasing your merchandise. Wide, medium, and close-up views offer a more complete experience of your fashion items and accessories.

  • All elements, colors, fonts can be customized
  • Compatible with AE CS4,CS5
  • HD 1920×1080, 1280×720, 29.97sec
  • Place holders for your photos.
  • Circle elements & swirls are Illustrator CS4 files.
  • Music is not included . You can find it Here
  • Wind SoundFX included.
  • No plug-ins required. Only native effects
  • Fonts: Arial Regular/Bold, Helvetica Light, Find Here
  • Fonts: Chalet ParisNineteenSixty, Find Here
  • Help: Inlcuded 1 Video Tutorial and Help File

*The Leafs Particles are pre-rendered trapcode png. sequence. The project file is included.
  • The fashion images in preview are not include(placeholders only).
    Photos are provide by CC Attribute license, by Martha W McQuade/UNIFORM natural, link Here
    • Font links may change with time, though Helvetica is standard on the Mac platform. If the link is no longer active let me know & I will revise.