Easy Vignette & Color Correction Pack

Please Check these (HIGH RES) images for easy reference.preview1 preview2

Hi everyone ! Due to popular demand i created another Color Correction preset pack, but this time it includes vignettes within the color presets !

Super easily installed, drag and drop the color preset on your movies or images and you have a totally different look !

  • 74 Color Presets !
  • Videotutorial explaining on how to install & use.
  • Project file (preview of Vignette’s etc)

These presets work only on footage/images that keep the following aspect ratio 1920×1080, 1280×720, .. etc. As long as you keep that aspect ratio the presets will work perfectly.

The music can be purchased here – http://audiojungle.net/item/successful-business-venture/154097

Girl image in preview is from http://eu.fotolia.com/

I hope you enjoy the file !

- Massfocus

UPDATED 11-03-2013 with 50 new color effects ! Re download if purchased in the past for the free effects.

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