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Wonderful Work! :)

Amazing, another best seller!

Impressive ! :) Looks very good :)

Impressive project! Good work!

Awesome project!

Looks really cool mate, great work! :)
Best wishes!

Looks amazing! Superbly done!

Thanks, guys. Much appreciate support!

Good project!

Wow, nice project, I love the idea of putting images together, and the puzzling thing. Nice! :)

Nice project !


It it possible to keep the picture for 30 sec., love the project bit i need to talk about each picture while its playing


Yes. You have the couple of options to explore. First you can use time remap effect on a entire main comp. If you use the full version it probably look OK. Second, you can freeze frame at some point, but than you’ll disable the camera movement as well. And the last, you can go inside the project, in the full version and adjust cameras, layers etc. so you can extend the project. You must have some advance knowledge to do so. I hope this was helpful

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This is a great project, and Alexandar is a true professional. I opted for him to render the template for me with my images, and then spliced them into a longer video adding voice-over, and a different music theme.

The result is an entirely different atmosphere to Creative Lab’s example, but is proving to be highly effective. You can see it here, (Cityboard cuts in at 0.33 secs): http://youtu.be/lv7mgHcR67U :)