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Wow. So do you work for like a movie company? You’re really talented.

Hope someday I will… ;) Thanks!

hi i want to use my own vector images or photoshop png/jpegs instead of text – is that quick and easy to do? Also can you recommend a tutorial on flash transitions – as I want to loop the video. Thanks

Hi! Sorry for the late reply.

Yes, png/jpeg images can be replaced instead of that text layers but it’s not just “in-a-few-clicks” customization. Some effects needs to be disabled if you don’t want them to be black like those titles in the preview.

If you decide to buy this project feel free to contact me and I’ll try to help. Best regards.

Great thanks

Geat job but is there any chance to buy a Full HD version of this ??

Hi. Thanks for purchasing this template!

Unfortunately, there is only 720p version at this moment.

Thank You great work 5 stars :-)

Thanks a lot! :)

I’m looking to to use this for an Independant film I’m shooting is it available in HD


Yes, it’s available in HD. 1280×720, letterbox is optional.

Hi. Recently purchased. I am looking for this to be extended to 2:30 or 3:00 minutes so I can add additional credits.

I thought it might be a simple case of time stretching/composition settings changes but this does not do the job.

Do you know how I could go about this? Great work by the way.

Many thanks


I replied to your email.

Missing Swoosh Sound as words pass at 25s, 32s, 40s, 48s, 55s. Sound file not in template and not in audio file from AudioJungle.

Good Work, I still like it.

Hi! I’m glad you like this project.

Check your email.

Love Your Work.. Just Purchased too And would like to add extra credits, any suggestions. Awsome template


Unfortunately, there are only 7 text holders at this moment. It’s not so easy to add extra credits unless you put several lines of text in each text composition.

Thanks for purchasing! All the best!

Hi, Very cool opener. Can the ocean be replaced by different footage, say a jungle or mountain landscape?

I’m glad you like this project but, unfortunately, no. Ocean can’t be replaced.

I did not get any audio files with my download? am I missing something?


Audio file is not included as you can see in description: “Music by StainofMind. You can get it from audiojungle”

I already got the Music track, I’m talking about when the text flies by, I have no sound effects.

Just contact me through my profile page and I’ll send it to you.

hi in this project there in a sea?

thanks Andrea

Hi Andrea!

Didn’t quite understand your question…

Awesome work, mate. Like it.

Hello. I would like to add more text credits flying towards the camera. I have a total of 7 that i need to show, after the introduction. Can this be done easily? They would need to “fly” quicker too….Thanks!


Unfortunately, it can’t be done so easily. I’ll probably update this item in the next couple of months for users who want to add more titles.

All the best!

Hi! Cool project! Love it. 2 questions: is it compatible with AE CC? And at the end, can the camera go into the ocean before going black? is it doable?


1. Sure, it’s compatible with CC as well. 2. If you’re new to AE, it’s not an easy task. You would need both, Psunami and Optical flares plugins in order to do such thing, plus it needs lots of tweaking so it’s not quite recommended.

I’m really glad you like this project! Best regards.


celie Purchased

I love this template!!!! Great job!!

Thanks! :)

This is a great awesome template! Being all new to this and just finding this site, what software do you have to own to “edit” this template with your own text? Or with what I download, can edit the text directly? Again, I am all new to this. Thank you for understanding.

Hi! Thanks.

You’ll need Adobe After Effects software in order to open and customize this project. You can download a fully working 30-day trial version directly from Adobe website and test it. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me through my profile page.

All the best!