The template can be used for car commercial. There are 2 logo placeholders and 12×15 second video/photo placeholders. All placeholders can be used in any order and reused as many times as needed.
Most layers have markers with detailed description.
MainComp contains ColorControl layer that controls color/gradient in all comps. Once you change one of the colors you will see all results in composition preview window.
The 360* car animation can be looped and extended as long as needed

  • 30 seconds long but can be extended
  • no plugins required
  • easy to edit color
  • extend placeholders as long as needed
  • .txt tutorial included
  • images/VO’s files are not included
  • background music not included but can be found at: Mipla-Production
  • After Effects CS5 or higher
  • HD 1920×1080 29.97sec
  • Prerendered texture animation.