Some people thought that I have included somehow a way to actually create the shallow depth of field with this grid. It is impossible to do that with an alpha channel. You only get the grid here. The movie is for demo purposes of what you can achieve, so please disregard the low rating of this because most people misunderstood and did not read the info carefully before buying it.

Files included:

Transparent movies in the order you see in the preview:

  • 1. Center blinks focus
  • 2.Right to center focus
  • 3.Right to top half focus
  • 4. Navigate through- Select all focus.

Grid Elements folder including:

  • 11 individual png images showing all focusing points on/off  + extra vertical/horizontal dotted grid

3 Focus Points extra folder including:

  • Right half focus points on
  • Top half focus points on
  • Left half focus points on
  • Bottom half focus points on
Combine any png images to create any kind of combination.

Sounds folder included : 9 different sounds

  • 5 different button clicks
  • beep
  • lens focusing
  • 2 shutter releases
Your only limitation : your imagination Njoy!

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