Broadcast Flying Stars - Pack 03

Broadcast Flying Stars - Pack 03

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This Pack (updated on 14 May 2015) is called “Broadcast Flying Stars – Pack 03”, which contains 10 1080p (Full HD) (i.e. 1920 by 1080) Backgrounds.

They can also be Resized & Reused as 720p (i.e. 1280 by 720) Backgrounds.

Each Background’s Frame Rate is 29.97 FPS, they are 10 Seconds long each, all are Seamlessly Loopable, and last one of them contains Alpha Channel (Transparency).

All Backgrounds have got different Color Variations.

The first 9 Backgrounds are encoded with QuickTime Photo JPEG, and the last Background is encoded with QuickTime Photo PNG + Alpha.

The first 9 Backgrounds’ Colors can be changed using Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, or any other relevant Color Correction Effect/Filter in your Video Editor or Compositing Software (such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas or Adobe After Effects).

The last Background contains Alpha Channel (Transparency), so that any other Background or Footage can be placed behind Stars.

For the last Background, the Stars’ Colors can be changed using Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, or any other relevant Color Correction Effect/Filter.

Note: The Preview Video may seem to have some artifacts, but the Final Videos in the Zip Download have no problems.

They are ideal for any Show, Presentation, Occasion / Event, Text / Title Animation, Logo Animation, Promo, Intro, Commercial / Advertisement, Website, DVD / Blu-Ray, Music Video, TV Program, Film, etc.; or can be used as the Backdrop for a Blue / Green Screen removed (Chroma Key) Footage; or can be used as the Overlay / Light Leaks for a Footage with various Blend/Composite/Transfer Modes. Enjoy!

Music Track used in the Video Preview is called “A Legend”, it is from great AudioJungle Author OkanAkdeniz, is not included with the Download, but can be Purchased here.

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