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I’m considering purchasing this. Looks impressive. I’m not experienced with AF. So, one question: At the end “only at Videohive” I believe it is text that can be edited easily. But is it possible to replace this text with logo shape and get same 3d effect or it requires some massive customization work?

SwiftX Purchased

Good Day. I have purchased this.

When I render the text does not render..

Yes I have the newest Element 3D 1.6 Plugin

I do not know how to get the text to render, please help..

So far I am unable to deliver this project to a client.


Hi! Project work correct! You need to follow included video tutorial to edit text layers! When you open project first time you see MY Text ?

victam Purchased

Hi, I just purchase “Blockbuster 2” and I was wondering if there’s an easy way to adjust the timing (scattering) of the titles so they don’t fall apart quite so soon. It seems like a few of the custom titles I’ve made begin to fall apart slightly before they’re established long enough to allow the viewer to read them adequately. Any advice would be appreciated. Your work is outstanding…I’m a big fan!

FYI, I’m very new to After Effects and even newer to Element 3-D, so excuse my ignorance. I’m an experienced Premiere Pro editor, so I’m somewhat familiar with the AE interface and tools.



You can use time scaling to ajust timing (streght) titles or customize every composition but its need some AE expirience! ;)

You are the Lord…Maxim

All i can say…best of best…ever


telman_64 Purchased

Hello Maxim,

first of all thank your for this great template! I have few questions about the project. First questions is, I noticed that the green smoke at the end of the trailer where the “only at videohive.net” title is seen looks very pixelated and grainy. How come it is so pixealted? It’s not just in the rendered file, it’s already pixelated in the project itself. And it makes the trailer look a little bit cheap. Don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s just a matter of the settings. I attached a picture, where you can see, what I mean. If you click on the picture, you will see the original size of the screenshot.

Next question is, the pictures which can be used as footage look also really bad, by that I mean the picture quality. I use high quality photos. I tried to disable some effect layers, but the result was not satisfying to me. How can I alter it to achieve a good picture quality. And what do I have to change? That’s really important to me.

Thanks in advance.

Sinosch :bigsmile:

pmwa Author

Hi! This is grungy design template, and if you have same expirience with Ae you can experement with filters and effects on smoke layer to make it not so grungy but this template uses grundg effect as a visual technic) About pictures – again – try to deactivate some effects in pictures placeholders to remowe dyrt or grain but it makes pictures more isolated from background and destroy visual effect ;) i’m not in my county now – i return 1 may and try to update smoke asset to qualyty version and remove pixelation!)