Audiotrack author: Music by Gareth Coker

  • No plugins required
  • HD 720p
  • Smooth, glossy, Hi-Tech electronic-style look.
  • Editable colors. You can configure main color and titles color separately.
  • Video length: 40 seconds
  • 10 extra seconds added at the end so you can keep the last title on the screen for a while.
  • HDR (32-bits) colors, allowing you to be completely unrestricted if you want to color-correct the project.
  • Very small project size.
  • Very short render time (compared to true 3D render either in AE or 3D apps).
  • A selection of 12 fonts is included. Each of which fits project style perfectly and is free.
  • Music file, “Uprising” by Gareth Coker is not included, but can be purchased separately at this link:
    Gareth Coker has made short edit of “Uprising” designed specially for this project. When you purchase this track at the above link, you have both edits. So using short edit for this project instead of full one is strongly recommended.
  • If you have purchased, Please rate it in your downloads section!

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