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I’m a bit confused. The demo video on the Envato product page has a nice, smooth Envato logo, however when I render my own logo it’s pixelated (has jaggy edges). When I saw your included video tutorial I see (at the 23s point) that your logo is also jagged (see the ‘o’ nearest the camera, for example.)

Can you tell us how to get smooth rendering like the you did for product promotional video? Thanks.


You have to scale your logo inside illustrator and not inside ae. Hope that will help you. BR Maupa


That wasn’t the problem. For anyone else experiencing this, I had to go in to every comp -> Composition Settings and change the supplied resolution setting (‘Quarter’) to ‘Full’. This now gives nice smooth edges. I’m not sure why the file has the compositions set to quarter resolution by default!?

Hi, Why did you put copyright complaint of the video in YouTube, that video is a result of your video for one client

emma647 Purchased

what program to use ? flash ?


You need After Effects.


1) I had purchase “After Effects logo” Template 2) Before 3 months

3) Your logo(After Effects) video only 2-5 mb (Mostly less than 5mb)

After add my logo - 4) But my “After Effects logo” video 300-900mb. Why? 5) My (After Effect) render queue setting is default .

The disadvantage is that it takes longer to render. No problem, I drink a cup of coffee and wait. Maybe 2 coffee… Please, Please help.

My system:- i5, 4gb ram, 1gb graphic card

Sorry for my poor english, Thanks

Hi, how do i put the audio inside?


Please check youtube for a tutorial.

HI Maupa,

How do I remove the diagonal glare, so the colour of my logo looks normal.

Love the project.



Thank you for purchasing my file. You can remove it inside the precomps. It is the reflection layer.

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Hello, hope you’re doing great. I’ve purchased your video (twice actually) have a question regarding the background. How can I change the background so it becomes a costume background. I tried to place it in the sub-comps but the camera won’t apply, it stays as it would on front view .. sort of flat. Could you advise me on how to make this work.

Thanks Cheers


Thank you for purchasing my file. You have to check the 3d icon and the layer will be in the perfect place. Maybe put the layer a bit into the back. Best Regards Maupa


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Holy WOWNE$$! I’m new to AE but now know the basics, it’s says 3D but ‘no plugins required’ so I wouldn’t need the 3D plugin? and is the logo just flat .png and your theme adds the insane depth and effects?


Yes. Just drop your flat.png indide the project and you can render the animation. But it it is better to use an path logo with alpha than an png. Best regards Maupa


Ahhh Great! uh what’s a path logo with alpha (some kind of illustrator file? how would I make with my logo)...?


Yes it is an illustrator file. Alpha is the transparent part of it.