aw_Triangulator is powerful After Effects script that creates Delaunay triangulation effect using position from selected layers and has some nice additional features.  


  • Animate Masks inside After Effects using built-in tracker
  • Break Masks into vertices using “Null” layers
  • Create triangulation effect (triangles via Shape Layers).
  • Clone custom layer using positions from selected layers.
  • Additional panel for batch add / customize expressions throught all selected layers

Detailed tutorial on: 

Screenshots and samples




Update history

Version 1.3

- New simplified UI.
- Progressbar for each functions.
- Added "BG" button that quickly setup layer to color triangles.
- Clamp function for "Color radius". Now if you`ll change color radius to 0 or less triangles won`t crash.
- Moved all icons to aw_Triangulator_icons.jsxinc now can delete previous folder with icons.
- New PDF manual

Version 1.2

- Added support of all After effects languages

Version 1.1

- Added [Clone Layers] function.
- [Mask->Nulls] function works now much better and faster

Version 1.0

- Initial release!