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When you say the Cycore Fx is required do you mean the standard Cycore FX effects that ship with the professional version of AE CS3 or the Cycore FX HD that has more effects in it than the standard version. (I hope this isn’t a dumb question – new to AE and I know my version has Cycore FX standard but want to be sure I have the necessary tools before I buy this!) Thanks :)

Thanks leblebi

To kb731811

Only standard and Basic Cycore Fx required. If you have any other relative question on the file contact me via my email

excellent presentation! i would like to ask how can i use it to promote my company through e-mail marketing. Can i use it as an email attachment, or some other way , so that potential customers can easily see my presentation?

Hi ellinas

Please if you have any questions regarding the file or its integration contact me via my email


If i purchase this file will you provide the music for it?

Thank you

Thanks, excellent file.

Hello very well done! nice work, i have the same question of douglasdajew, if i buy the project can u provide the music & sound effects? Regards.


to: Fashionmodels & douglasdajew

Yes i can provide the soundtrack, just send me an email as soon as you bought the file.



I’m about to publish your template, I just need to adjust the soundtrack and will be ready to go. I really recommended this product, it’s very good.

Thanks WcP Studio

unikscan Purchased

got your mail. I am proofing myself now. matthew@printmart.com.au

awesome file, anyone know of a web template that looks similar to this?

This file was very easy to work with. Great Job. Can you send me the soudtrack?


Kai-ser Purchased

I’d like to have the soundtrack too. Thanks. Great file! kai [at] freesoulskiel.de

grafismo Purchased

Hi! Great timing I’d like to have the soundtrack too. Thanks a lot. niko[at] grafismo.com

Wolof Purchased

Ditto, I’d also like the soundtrack and sound effects. Thanks, great file! david[at]wolof.net

Great work, I have just purchased. When you have a spare minute could you send the soundtrack through please. My email is solidariti [at] gmail.com.

Thank you

Dezignus Purchased

Great template, easy to edit ,thanks.

Easy to use, great results!

Well done!