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Nice work, my friend! :)

Thank You my friend Infilm :)

Great and useful

Thank You CandyMustache :)

very useful transitions ! nice

Thank You Silver_Mark :)

Awesome :D i’m buying it now :D

Thank You cloudfu :)

Hi, great job !

I’m looking to buy it but with the regular license, can I use some transition in one video and some others in one another or do I have to buy the Extended license in this case?

Thx, Phil.

No problem with me .. buy it with the regular license but dont forget to rate me 5 stars from your download section

Very cool! I wonder what software makes this stuff?

Thnk you .. After effects :)

This is my first time purchasing and I’m new to editing features and know nothing about After Effects—can I use these in iMovie or Microsoft Movie Maker?

This is designed to be used for after effects

very nice work :)

Thank you :)

wow! nice work! :)

Thank you :)

Thank you DREAMYARD_Visuals :)

Love this alot. beautifully crafted! Good work

Thank you yeaboy :)

Thank You alexandersaunki :)

nice and very good project … liked it .. :) I’ve shared my first project on videohive can you say your opinion about it tnx man :)

Thank you :)


very awesome work man! I’m buying this for a friend that edits videos for our website, so I have no idea how AE works, thus this is probably a super stupid question….

Is it possible to customize the effects’ colors?

You mean the 20 shapes effects ?

Hi! I love this~ Before I purchase though, I’d like to ask you if I can TRACK MATTE video footage to the shapes?

So, for example, a video footage is playing and I want to apply the shapes transitions so that the transition blends into another footage/clip.

I would appreciate your response so I can make the purchase! Thanks!

Hello you can apply the transition to one footage to make transition from the first footage to the footage you blend with the transition

Hey dude nice transition Pack! Good job! But I’d called like to know how the other effects. You’ve used several effects. I just know an effect that is called “circle burst”, but what are the other effects? I would be glad if you could answer me. Way to go. Sorry for my bad English, but actually i’ on the German :)

Thank You :) All the effects are made by “shapes” property in the after effects they are not ready effects

Yes, but i dont find tutorials about “shapes”. And I find your Pack very awesome and wanted to learn a little 2D create intros. And I would like to ask you whether we can “deal”. I have an idea, and although I have a YouTube channel with over 1,200 subscribers and could upload this video by Videohive on my channel so that many see this video and buy the Pack. And as a “consideration”, I could get the Pack for free? Or don’t you want that? Otherwise, thank you that you I answered! :)

Exellent work!

Thank you :)

Catchy stuff :) Enjoyed watching!

Quick question – the video I want to use is longer then 1 min. But I cant seem to lengthen the transition comps/layers. How can I make the wait between transitions longer?

I will make video tutorial today

Send to me an email

Hello, I just bought this item, and when I wanted to download files, it says : Page Web inaccessible – DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN…

So I cannot download it.

Thank you

Contact the support