3D City Equalizers 3-Pack HD Animations


A journey inside a 3D city made of reflective shiny buildings, which light & glow like equalizers. Dynamic, Energetic & works amazing with music. Comes in Blue & Magenta.

This package contains 3 different camera styles:

1- Moving Camera: camera travels through the city, then moving to top view and finally looping back to the start length: 50 seconds. Seamless loop.

2- Static Camera: Static camera, no forward motion. length: 30 seconds. Seamless loop.

3- Cinematic: Quick camera moves with glitches, RGB distortion & Flares. length: 22 seconds. not a seamless loop but loops very nicely.

- All clips are 1080p | 25FPS - Audio is not included.
Feel free to contact about any question :) More Screenshots:

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