BD Second portion of happiness. 3D Cartoon FX Pack 2 contains 57 quick animations and 215 color shaders. Add a stylish look and modern dynamics into your project. Create many variations, change the form, resolution, colors and frame rate. Enjoy! BC

  • Energy Explosion (26 Cinema 4D Projects)
  • Streak Strikes (15 Cinema 4D Projects)
  • Slashes (12 Cinema 4D Projects)
  • Field Lines (4 Cinema 4D Projects)
  • Cartoon Shader Pack (215 as one Cinema 4D Preset Library)
  • Maxon Cinema 4D R13 with MoGraph module (Not Lite version)
  • Resizable resolution (by default: 1920×1080)
  • Variable Frame Rate (by default: 29,97fps)
  • No plugins required
  • Easy to Use
  • Video Tutorial
BDNC Font is available here: BD Cartoon Shout by Unknown Author
Music is available here: Pull The Trigger by soundroll CV 3CFX2_CV IP 3CFX2_IP RP 2D Cartoon FX 2D Cartoon FX 2 2D Cartoon FX 3 2D Cartoon FX 4 3D Cartoon FX Pack 1 3D Cartoon FX Pack 3 3D Cartoon FX Pack 4 3D Cartoon FX Pack 5 Sweet Ribbons (Pack) Juicy Trip Prank Show (Broadcast Pack) Special Awards (Broadcast Pack) Night Show (Broadcast Pack) Sketch Show (Broadcast Pack) Comedy Show (Broadcast Pack) Real Touch Bundle 2