3D Bubbles FX  .
ALL Animation in Alpha

Comp Size ( 1920×1080)

4 Animations with different camera Angles video 1 :(Different camera) 20 seconds, one big Bubble Animation in Alpha video 2 :(Different camera) 20 seconds, one Big Bubble Animation in Alpha with popping video 3 :(Different camera) 20 seconds, particles Animation in Alpha video 4 :(Different camera) 20 seconds, particles Animation in Alpha

the Duration For Each Video Bubbles Animation (20 seconds , 500 frame)

All videos type is quicktime with Alpha (.mov)

You can chang the Transparency mod and use (Levels)(Color Balance) as you like to be compatible with your scene

You can Use it for VFX Work

(( Note: this Reflection for Bubbles are from HDRI like Inside Room with many windows (victorian style) so I hope that it will Useful for your Background scene and Technically compatible with your Project ))

I hope it will be useful for you

That’s All.

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