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Very good!

An excellent animation!

Dude, this is awesome!!! . . .

ok, there’s a missing “r” in (about) 1:05 – saw it so many times that noticed the missing letter :D:D:D

Inspirational :) !

Great animation, great design and new idea!

Great job, I’d love to see more like this (7 reasons, 5 ideas, etc.)!

Simply perfect!

cannot open the file…very frustrating!

how do i change the font color? i recently purchased this Temp


??????????????????????????? in each composition is an adjustment layer – the color control it is possible to change the color

Awesome Great Work bro :)

I used this, and it was very clean and good!

The only thing I found to be untrue was “very fast render.” Actually the render seems quite slow compared to other templates in the motion graphics genre that I have used.

Granted, I was stretching out transitions to make your 1:16 last for 3:45, but that should not affect it too badly.

I couldn’t do anything about the transitions, but since the BG never changed, I did go ahead and render it as a simple jpeg file, drop out the four layers that make it up from each individual element, and laid that BG file down in the master track.

This helped to speed up rendering a great deal, though it’s still pretty slow, especially in segments with lots of circles on Trim Paths (e.g., #4 and #8).

Anyway, still enjoyed your work a lot and appreciated your strong sense of design, using simple shapes and transitions to give it a nice “spark” without being fancy.

- ianalexh


thanks) its very old project, and and I don’t remember it in detail . Perhaps there is the problem