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Generator says

A couple of people have asked for a slight variation of one of my files (that they say they will then purchase). What’s the usual protocol? eg. do I upload as a separate submission?

Any help much appreciated.

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creative_sq says

I think if you just want the new file up, you can update the old one going to Edit>Update tab, otherwise, if you want both, ask for advice from Mark.

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MarkBrodhuber Envato team says

I personally, as an author, always try to keep my files in packs from the get go. For example, on a few of my files, I actually offered to take the first 5 variation requests, and after producing them upload them as an update so that the original file now has the 5 original colors plus the 5 new variations.

When I make a new file I tend to squeeze as many color variations in there from the beginning. But if you are going to make a variation on a file for something like a color, you would be helping other buyers if you just updated your original rather than uploading a whole new file for just a new color.