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Globo_Logic says


I need a flash video recorder like the one on youtube.com where you can record video from a webcam and then save it. It needs to very clear and of high quality.

It needs to work with RTMP streaming server.

Send me an email if you have one or can create me one to jasond(at)globologic(dot)com

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stephanee says

Hope swf to video converter will help you it can convert local and online swf files to avi by adding its url directly.

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Shirley1874 says

...RTMP? sounds so tough

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jayc says

Hey man,

You should try RED5 Server (http://osflash.org/red5), BUT you need a dedicated server, hands on JAVA and last time that I’ve played with RED5 sound recording was not supported.

Well if you want to pay about $4000 /license (I guess) you can buy MediaServer from Adobe and it will do the job.

Or you can find predefined hosting solutions for RED5 and MediaServer but this is also expensive (about E200 -and up/month)